Hey y’all! 

I am am so excited your reading this. I am a born and raised Texan of 26 years and a outdoors enthusiast. I have always held nature close to my heart and always preferred to be outdoors. Now a mother of three I want to make sure my kids experience life as I did growing up and that they can find peace and solitude in nature everywhere. The PNW or the Colorado Rockies.

Nature is a very spiritual thing for me and I’ve never felt more connected to anything as I do when I’m just out in the woods on a beautiful hike.

{THE START OF ADC}  I started “ADC” (adventure discover capture) in hopes to empower one person at a time to get outdoors and step away from that laptop or cell phone. Just reconnect with nature and all its glory. Find peace in the most simplest ways. A warm campfire, or fishing a cold stream. Relaxing on a hilltop overlooking the snow capped mountains. Looking out your tent as the sun sets with the most colorful sky you’ve seen. Those are the simple things I want my kids to remember. Not materialistic things.

Money can’t buy happiness and for me that’s true. I’d take a day hike over a new car anyday of the week! I know I’m rambling on but I feel very spiritually connected to the outdoors and I wanted to help others find their connection as well.

{RUIDOSO, NM} I’ll be updating the blog and our social media with our upcoming adventure to Ruidoso, New Mexico this winter. Follow our journey on Instagram.com/adventurediscovercapture and Facebook.com/adventurediscovercapture

{MEMBERSHIP} In a few weeks we will have our membership setup for those who want to join. We will have some great info & new member goodies to hand out when you sign up. Membership is not required to follow our blog or media pages.

{HOW TO JOIN} To join all you pay is a one time membership fee of $35 All membership funds will go directly back into ADC to help fund hikes, campouts & giveaways. Our goal is to empower one person at a time to reconnect with the good ole outdoors!

  • Discounts on Apparel & Gear
  • Giveaways & Contests
  • E-Newsletter
  • Hike & Camp Meet Ups
  • Our “ADC” Headband & Welcome Packet

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for following this blog and sharing your adventures with us. Don’t forget to share with us to be featured just use #adventurediscovercapture to be featured! 


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