{Weekend Gear Shopping }

Hey y’all,

We are gear shopping this Labor Day weekend to replace some of our older … much older backpacks and take advantage of some great sales! 


We will be getting both Mountain House and Wise Company just to have a variety. 


As for gear we need new first aid supplies and some cookware. We personally favor the REI Backpacker Weekend First Aid, especially if we hike overnight for the weekend. Although we would be just fine web a basic first aid we choose to be a little over prepared we are normally hiking with three accident prone kiddos. 


I don’t know about y’all but I am in dire need of some new boots. Our next hike is in December so I have plenty of time to wear them in thankfully (Blisters plain SUCK). I’ve had my eye on a few pair but one specifically. The North Face Storm II Waterproof boots. I’ll try them out this weekend. 


As for compasses I am wanting something very basic and easy to use. I am not up to date on compass brands so if you have opinions on one over another please feel free to comment below.

Wishing all our US friends a Safe Labor Day Weekend!

✌🏼️Happy Adventures✌🏼️


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